Meet Eddie Hsueh

Candidate for Sheriff of Santa Barbara

Hello Santa Barbara!

My name is Eddie Hsueh and I currently serve as the Police Chief for Solvang and Buellton and also oversee law enforcement services at the Chumash Reservation. In addition to my wide range of experience in patrol, community services, SWAT, and administration, I have over 2,700 hours of formal training in California Police Officer Standards and I’m a graduate of the Sherman Block Leadership Institute. I have trained Academy recruits as well as new officers and I am responsible for initiating Crisis Intervention Training Program for County officers in order to de-escalate stressful situations and reduce the need for use of force. After co-writing the Arrest and Control Instructor's Manual for the Sheriff's 80 hour certification course, it has been used throughout Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo County as well as other law enforcement agencies. I am proud of my work of initiating the Sheriff Department’s Behavioral Science Unit (BSU) that collaborates locally to help our neighbors and family members with mental health and/or substance abuse issues as well as a program for Sheriffs to mentor at-risk youth.

My priorities are:
- Increasing public trust by focusing on community policing to help deter and solve crimes. I support California law SB54 Sanctuary Cities that keeps immigration enforcement the job of federal immigration authorities. Our local officers depend on people not being afraid to report crimes and act as witnesses.

- Pursuing fiscal responsibility, especially by not filling our jails with people who need help with mental health, substance abuse, and homelessness issues. I also favor bail reform so people deserving of bail are not locked up longer than necessary, simply because of their challenging financial capacity. And I seek to reduce the burden on taxpayers by pursing regional sharing of expensive equipment such as armored vehicles.

- Reducing the tremendous, wasteful and long standing mandatory overtime costs resulting from high personnel turnover and poor recruiting, as just pointed out in the recent grand jury report. To see the report, go to

-Focus on giving deputies the essential training including Crisis Intervention Training (CIT), De-escalation, Implicit bias, Use of force, and Gun Violence Restraining Order (GVRO), all of which protect our officers and community.

I have been endorsed by The Democratic Party of Santa Barbara, Democratic Women of Santa Barbara, Ethan Bertrand, Board President of the Isla Vista Community Services District, and many social justice leaders and individuals who support reasonable legislation such as the Gun Violence Restraining Order, Senate Bill 54 on sanctuary cities, bail reform, and many others.

I am highly committed and have the energy, expereicne and motivation  to make a positive difference in our community by doing what it takes to confront the existing challenges both in the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office as well as our community.  

I would consider it an honor if you would vote for me, Eddie Hsueh, for Sheriff of Santa Barbara.

Your vote will count to give you a voice in your community!
Lt. Eddie Hsueh

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