#1 Giving The Community a Voice

By building trust with our community partners and restoring trust with our county leadership together we can make a difference. This means building closer relationships and having open dialogue with our communities, county board of supervisors, support agencies within our county and outside local governments. I will create a community advisor board consisting of a diverse group of people representing our communities. Our police are part of our community and share the same concerns. We need to work together to solve issues in these challenging times. 


#2 Public Safety

By restoring proactive programs, focusing on public safety on the streets and in the schools, we can avert crisis. Community programs need to be a priority and I want to hear your voice. With community input we can enhance safety in our communities and in our schools. I would like to see school resource deputies in every high school. I plan on putting a mental health co-response team on the streets in both South and North County. I will ensure we have a robust Crisis Intervention Team program which I have already initiated.  I want to increase personnel in our intelligence unit, so we can better address threats to our communities and focus on the prevention of gun violence and gang violence. Together we can develop and enhance crisis prevention programs. Through community education programs such as “See/hear something - Say something”, Suicide and Violence prevention, Crisis Intervention Training and Substance Abuse prevention education, we can increase safety in our community and save lives. I believe in collaboration and have positive relationships with the Santa Barbara Response Network, Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, Behavioral Wellness, NAMI, The Glendon Association, just to name a few. 


#3 Valuing our Sheriffs

Retention of valuable employees and putting the right employees in the most efficient positions to best serve the public is a top goal. We are becoming a training ground for other agencies on the central coast who are offering more benefits and pay to employees! Recruiting, hiring and training a deputy sheriff is an expensive and involved process, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars for each employee we hire. We can't afford to lose deputies because we don't show we value their services. I want to focus on what we can do, not what we can't. We can work on providing deputies with more in-service training programs, other benefits and incentives to encourage them to have a long-term career with the sheriff’s office. This will cost less over time than having a revolving door of our current 80% plus attrition rate! We can provide more incentives for employees with special training certificates with an expertise in various fields of law enforcement. We can provide incentives for participating in an employee wellness program and maintaining health and fitness. These programs can help reduce use of sick time and worker's compensation claims in the long term and they increase employee morale and retention. I want to work together with our Board of Supervisors, Risk Management and County Human Resources to find solutions to these issues. As leaders in Santa Barbara County, we need to create an environment where people want to stay and work. 


# 4. Real Strategic planning and Fiscal Responsibility   

We need to have leaders with a vision. We also need to focus on the basics, the small steps. Our agency does not plan for basic needed equipment which has an obvious shelf-life. We should not be constantly going to our county leaders asking for more money when basic equipment breaks.  This can be figured out in advance and budgeted. It can be done by having partnerships with other agencies inside the county that are better equipped and have more expertise than we do to assist us with these processes. I want to have a strategic plan which will involve working with all of our support agencies to be efficient and fiscally responsible. Strategic planning should begin with the smallest, basic needs to planning on how many Lieutenants and Commanders we will require in 10 years from now to serve the community in the most efficient way.

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